Thursday, February 9, 2017

Attention, seniors!

NOTE FOR ALL SENIORS: All seniors are going to be slated for a personal college talk with me during class over the next several weeks so that I can be sure that I am aware of your college plans. I will help you if you are still needing advice. Daily schedule! >>>This week: Today - Logan and JoJo / Friday - Kristina and Paola Next week: Mon. > Obed and Jessica Tues. >  Sophie and Kate Wed. > Brandon and Alex Thurs. > Krystal and Tatum Fri. > Francisco and Alan (More to come...)

***This week's college talk is postponed to MONDAY due to our tours tomorrow.

First Year: 
To advance your skills...only after you complete the tutorial on vector portraits. Try this easy tutorial on painting to complete in class when you have some time this week.
(Step by step using simple strokes to create a scene.) Choose your own reference to put side by side next to your own painting. Painting tutorial!

I will interrupt you to work with you for a short while from the board in Photoshop at either 10:15 or 2:15 today. This is mostly reinforcement of what we have been learning to do with the pen tool and the paintbrush.

Sketchbook #15 - Write a word and do a visual representation of that word. This can be very interpretive, or it can be literal. It is your choice. Push your idea to be something interesting in terms of composition.

If you are scheduled for food styling, start at the beginning of class, mentors. Today's mentors are Henry and Colin.

Food Styling - AM Session:
Naveen and Neil: milkshakes Tues. Feb. 7th (mentor, Tama)
Josh and Ben: cake Tues. Feb. 7th (mentor, Henry)
Logan and Alex: dessert Wed. Feb. 8th (mentor, Amanda P.)
Cienna and Krystal: sushi Thurs. Feb. 9th (mentor, Tama)
Kristina and Gabi: cupcakes Fri. Feb. 10th (mentor, Tama)
Taylor and Brandon: dessert Mon. Feb. 13th (mentor, Henry)
Gracie: ? Tues. Feb. 14th (mentor, Amanda P.)

PM Session:
Jessica and Alex D.: seasonal drinks Tues. Feb. 7th (mentor, Lane)
Alan: pancakes Wed. Feb. 8th (mentor, Jarret)
Eli and Olivia: Butterbeer Thurs. Feb. 9th (mentor, Colin)
Simran: yogurt parfait Fri. Feb. 10th (mentor, Tatum)
Nick: smoothie Mon. Feb. 13th (mentor, Jarret)
Marissa: fruit / citrus Tues. Feb. 14th (mentor, Paola)
Kiley: soup or pasta Wed. Feb. 15th (mentor, Lane)
Roxana and Kenni: cupcakes Thurs. Feb. 16th (mentor, Colin)
Shay and Andie: cupcakes Tues. Feb. 21st (mentor, Paola)
Braeden: ? did not receive Wed. Feb. 22nd (mentor, Tatum)

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This Friday we have tours coming through!
  • Continue with the new individual project. 
  • Henry (AM) and Colin (PM), I have nominated you two for Ambassador for the first tour. You will have a brief meeting with Mrs. Jenschke soon where she will brief you on when the tours will be (tomorrow) and how to conduct them.
  • Move on to the next part of the group project if you have turned in the billboards. This is the website and app portion of the project.
Practicum: Continue with portfolio prep.
Here are your portfolio review dates 8:45-9:? or so:
AM - Obed, Tuesday., Feb. 7th (completed, online)
Francisco, Tues., Feb. 7th (completed, online)
Amanda P., Wed., Feb. 8th (completed, online)
April,, Thurs., Feb. 9th (completed, online)
Friday TOUR - no reviews
Amanda S., Mon., Feb. 13th

PM - Tatum, Tuesday, Feb. 7th (completed, online) 12:45-1:? or so:
Paola, Tues., Feb. 7th (completed, online)
Raymond, Wed., Feb. 8th (completed, online)
Eduardo, Thurs., Feb. 9th
Friday TOUR - no reviews
Sayli, Mon., Feb. 13th
Diego, Tues., Feb. 14th

Thought for the Day:

“Companies that solely focus on competition will die. 
Those that focus on value creation will thrive.”  – Edward de Bono