Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

This week (Feb. 13-16): Mon. > Obed and Jessica Tues. >  Kristina/Sophie and Kate Wed. > Brandon and Lane/Alex Thurs. > Krystal and Tatum Fri. > NO SCHOOL for STUDENTS 
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Next week (Feb. 21-24): Mon. > NO SCHOOL (HOLIDAY) Tues. >  Francisco and Alan/Sydney Wed - Fri. NO SENIOR TALKS

Following week (Feb. 27-Mar. 3):  Mon. > Frida and Marissa/Olivia  Tues. > Gabrielle and Daniel  Wed. > Gracie and Simran Thurs. > Amanda S./Joshua and Antonio  Fri. > Cienna/April and Alysia/Sayli SENIORS Round 1 TALK is completed. 

JUNIORS TALKS BEGIN: (Mar. 6-10) Mon.: Heather/Ash and Andie/Nick, Tues.: Harley and Colin/Eduardo, Wed.: Clayton/Neil and Kenni/Kiley, Thurs.: Tama and Jarret/Roxana, Fri.: Naveen/Henry and Braeden/Emmalee (Mar. 20-21 afternoon only!) Mon.: Eli, Tues.: Shay

Thursday: Writing assignment during the class period. Information to come!

First Year: 
Painting: Monster Tutorial

Lesson: VECTORING THE EYES (well actually, eye in this case) by Melissa Evans

As you see, by comparing the original photo eye to my vector eye, I definitely didn’t create exactly what was in the original photo. It’s very important however to pay attention to the reflective quality of the eye. I’ve used several layers here to make it look semi-life-like and I work super zoomed in. Also you’ll notice I used a pretty vivid violet colour under the eye…this really just adds interest to the vector.
Photoshop Vector Tutorial 05
Never use pure white for the eyeball. It will just look weird! If there is white anywhere on the eye it will be in the reflective highlight.
1. Put in the basic shapes of the eye. Note I used Layer Style Inner Glow on the iris layer. Make sure the pupil is round by using the eclipse tool.
2. Add in eyelashes (mine look a bit like cockroach legs ha ha). You can create multiple paths on a single path layer. I find a faster technique for shapes like this is to just create one and then duplicate it, altering it with transform and using the convert point tool.
3. Add in the highlights etc. You can see that the highlight has it’s opacity lowered so that the layers below show through. By adjusting the opacity of your layers, your vector will have a greater complexity…it will appear like there are more layers.
Photoshop Vector Tutorial 06

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Sketchbook self portrait
Sketchbook #18 - Choose Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, or Claude Monet. Choose to do a self portrait 😁sketch in the style that they did portraits. (To the best of your ability.) This one may be done on the computer or in your sketchbook. Turn in at

If you are scheduled for food styling, start at the beginning of class, mentors. Today's mentors are Amanda P. and Paola

Food Styling - AM Session:
Naveen and Neil: milkshakes Tues. Feb. 7th (mentor, Tama)
Josh and Ben: cake Tues. Feb. 7th (mentor, Henry)
Logan and Alex: dessert Wed. Feb. 8th (mentor, Amanda P.)
Cienna and Krystal: sushi Thurs. Feb. 9th (mentor, Tama)
Kristina and Gabi: cupcakes Fri. Feb. 10th (mentor, Tama)
Taylor and Brandon: dessert Mon. Feb. 13th (mentor, Henry)
Gracie: Tues. Feb. 14th (mentor, Amanda P.)

PM Session:
Jessica and Alex D.: seasonal drinks Tues. Feb. 7th (mentor, Lane)
Alan: pancakes Wed. Feb. 8th (mentor, Jarret)
Simran: yogurt parfait Fri. Feb. 10th (mentor, Tatum)
Nick: smoothie Mon. Feb. 13th (mentor, Jarret)
Marissa: fruit / citrus Tues. Feb. 14th (mentor, Paola)
Kiley: soup or pasta Wed. Feb. 15th (mentor, Lane)
Roxana and Kenni: cupcakes Thurs. Feb. 16th (mentor, Colin)
Shay and Andie: cupcakes Tues. Feb. 21st (mentor, Paola)
Braeden: dessert Wed. Feb. 22nd (mentor, Tatum)
Eli and Olivia: Butterbeer Thurs. Feb. 23rd (mentor, Colin)


  • Website and app portion of the group project. 
Practicum: Continue with portfolio prep.
Here are your portfolio review dates 8:45-9:? or so:
AM - Obed, Tuesday., Feb. 7th (completed, online)
Francisco, Tues., Feb. 7th (completed, online)
Amanda P., Wed., Feb. 8th (completed, online)
April,, Thurs., Feb. 9th (completed, online)
Friday TOUR - no reviews
Amanda S., (completed, portfolio not viewable online) Mon., Feb. 13th

PM - Tatum, Tuesday, Feb. 7th (completed, online) 12:45-1:? or so:
Paola, Tues., Feb. 7th (completed, online)
Raymond, Wed., Feb. 8th (completed, online)
Friday TOUR - no reviews
Sayli, Mon., Feb. 13th (completed, online)
Diego, Tues., Feb. 14th 
(completed, online)
Eduardo, Weds., Feb. 15th

Thought for the Day:

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