Thursday, February 16, 2017

Today is like your Friday...make the most of it!

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Happy weekend!
REMEMBER: Tomorrow is a Teacher Training Day, and next Monday is a School HolidayStudents have a 4 day week both this week and next week.

This week (Feb. 13-16): Mon. > Obed and Jessica Tues. >  Kristina/Sophie and Kate Wed. > Brandon and Lane/Alex Thurs. > Krystal and Tatum Fri. > NO SCHOOL for STUDENTS 

Next week (Feb. 21-24): Mon. > NO SCHOOL (HOLIDAY) Tues. >  Francisco and Alan/Sydney Wed - Fri. NO SENIOR TALKS

Following week (Feb. 27-Mar. 3):  Mon. > Frida and Marissa/Olivia  Tues. > Gabrielle and Daniel  Wed. > Gracie and Simran Thurs. > Amanda S./Joshua and Antonio  Fri. > Cienna/April and Alysia/Sayli SENIORS Round 1 TALK is completed. 

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Short writing assignment today.
JUNIORS TALKS BEGIN: (Mar. 6-10) Mon.: Heather/Ash and Andie/Nick, Tues.: Harley and Colin/Eduardo, Wed.: Clayton/Neil and Kenni/Kiley, Thurs.: Tama and Jarret/Roxana, Fri.: Naveen/Henry and Braeden/Emmalee (Mar. 20-21 afternoon only!) Mon.: Eli, Tues.: Shay

***Today: Writing assignment during the class period. Write with pen on notebook paper: Answer the question "What do you think about Career Center East as a school, and what do you hope a new graphic design teacher would understand about teaching this class? What do you think should change? What do you think should stay consistent?"

First Year: 

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Sketch your friend!
Sketchbook #20 - A monster based on your best friend's face with multiple eyes and big sharp teeth. This is a visualization exercise that needs reference as well. Do a high quality sketch and add details! Not a line drawing from your mind, but a sketch based in reality + imagination.

Tutorial #10 - Creation of a magazine cover from scratch.

If you are scheduled for food styling, start at the beginning of class, mentors. Today's mentor is Colin

Food Styling - 

AM CLASS / PM CLASS WHO ARE READY: Magazine layout examples - See these covers Be sure to complete tutorial #10 above first!

PM Session:
Jessica and Alex D.: seasonal drinks Tues. Feb. 7th (mentor, Lane)
Alan: pancakes Wed. Feb. 8th (mentor, Jarret)
Simran: yogurt parfait Fri. Feb. 10th (mentor, Tatum)
Nick: smoothie Mon. Feb. 13th (mentor, Jarret)
Marissa: fruit / citrus Tues. Feb. 14th (mentor, Paola)
Kiley: soup or pasta Wed. Feb. 15th (mentor, Lane)
Roxana and Kenni: cupcakes Thurs. Feb. 16th (mentor, Colin)
Shay and Andie: cupcakes Tues. Feb. 21st (mentor, Paola)
Braeden: dessert Wed. Feb. 22nd (mentor, Tatum)
Eli and Olivia: Butterbeer Thurs. Feb. 23rd (mentor, Colin)


  • Website and app portion of the group project. Try to meet today's deadline, but if there are problems, Creative Directors should confer with me.
  • The fifth phase is development of script and presentation.  This phase must be COMPLETE by Wednesday, Feb. 22
    The final phase is rehearsal and polishing your presentationThis phase must be COMPLETE by Monday, February 27
    The presentation date will be determined by how well things are going on Monday. We will have a run-through for practice, and then we will present. HOPEFULLY IT WILL BE TUESDAY, FEB. 28th!
Practicum: Continue with portfolio prep - the next review will begin right after Spring Break. I should expect to see new work being displayed and some old work displaced...

Thought for the Day:
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