Monday, February 6, 2017

Today, we learn from the SUPER BOWL! (one of the most exciting comebacks I've ever seen...)

Today is a special day of learning for us all here in the studio. I hope that you are all ready to have a talk about ADVERTISING. This is a multi-billion dollar business, and you may not realize it yet...but many of you may go into this industry.

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Super Bowl ads will teach us a lot.
I would like to talk about effectiveness and creativity in particular with regard to advertising. There is no better place to begin this conversation than with the ads shown during the SUPER BOWL this weekend. These clients had to pay 5.5 million dollars per 30 seconds of ad time.

What do you think was the best commercial of the Super Bowl? We will know the top three in your opinion by the end of the class period. What standard did you use to measure your choice? What standard will drive the advertising agencies and their clients? Is it the same standard?

Today we will just forget all about the other project work that we have to do except for the portfolio reviews and getting the photo sessions underway, and let's concentrate on this conversation that will hopefully be led by some of our more advanced students. We can all have an opinion, but since they have some experience in driving a campaign and presenting their product ideas, maybe they will have some insights that you can all learn from. I'll guide their responses too.

Here we go, let's view and talk about it! SUPER BOWL ADVERTISING