Monday, February 13, 2017

Welcome to the start of a new, productive week at CCE!

Everyone, please remember to read all notes!

Image result for read the class notesNOTE FOR ALL SENIORS: All seniors are going to be slated for a personal college talk with me during class over the next several weeks so that I can be sure that I am aware of your college plans. I will help you if you are still needing advice or guidance from our counseling office. 
Daily schedule! >>>Today - Logan and JoJo / Friday - Paola 
This week (Feb. 13-16): Mon. > Obed and Jessica Tues. >  Kristina/Sophie and Kate Wed. > Brandon and Lane/Alex Thurs. > Krystal and Tatum Fri. > NO SCHOOL for STUDENTS 
Next week (Feb. 21-24): Mon. > NO SCHOOL (HOLIDAY) Tues. >  Francisco and Alan/Sydney 

Following week (Feb. 27-Mar. 3):  Mon. > Frida and Marissa/Olivia  Tues. > Gabrielle and Daniel  Wed. > Gracie and Simran Thurs. > Amanda S./Joshua and Antonio  Fri. > Cienna/April and Alysia/Sayli SENIORS Round 1 TALK is completed. 

JUNIORS TALKS BEGIN: (Mar. 6-10) Mon.: Heather/Ash and Andie/Nick, Tues.: Harley and Colin/Eduardo, Wed.: Clayton/Neil and Kenni/Kiley, Thurs.: Tama and Jarret/Roxana, Fri.: Naveen/Henry and Braeden/Emmalee (Mar. 20-21 afternoon only!) Mon.: Eli, Tues.: Shay

Image result for risd logo***Last week's college talk will happen today due to our tours last Friday. The college we will discuss is the NUMBER ONE RANKED design program in America. Rhode Island School of DesignRISD is essentially the Harvard of art schools in terms of name recognition and famous alumni (including, but not limited to, the founders of Airbnb, animator/comedian Seth MacFarlane, actor James Franco and fashion designers Nicole Miller and Jill Stuart). Alumni have also received a number of MacArthur “genius” grants. If you attend RISD, you can expect well-funded programs and faculty in the very top of their disciplines.
It’s unsurprising, then, that RISD was consistently at the top of school rankings for graphic design. It’s one of the most competitive schools on this list and has a strongly-established, well-known graphic design program. Students apply to RISD overall and do not select a major until midway through the first year of study. Graphic Design is one of the largest undergraduate departments at RISD, with about 165 students. Students graduate with a BFA degree.
First Year: 
Leftover from last week: Do this before anything else today if you have time. Painting tutorial!

When you complete this, move to this technique: Monster Tutorial

Sketchbook #17 - Combine 3 existing animals to create a new creature. Use reference.

If you are scheduled for food styling, start at the beginning of class, mentors. Today's mentors are Henry and Colin and Jarret.

Food Styling - AM Session:
Naveen and Neil: milkshakes Tues. Feb. 7th (mentor, Tama)
Josh and Ben: cake Tues. Feb. 7th (mentor, Henry)
Logan and Alex: dessert Wed. Feb. 8th (mentor, Amanda P.)
Cienna and Krystal: sushi Thurs. Feb. 9th (mentor, Tama)
Kristina and Gabi: cupcakes Fri. Feb. 10th (mentor, Tama)
Taylor and Brandon: dessert Mon. Feb. 13th (mentor, Henry)
Gracie: Tues. Feb. 14th (mentor, Amanda P.)

PM Session:
Jessica and Alex D.: seasonal drinks Tues. Feb. 7th (mentor, Lane)
Alan: pancakes Wed. Feb. 8th (mentor, Jarret)
Simran: yogurt parfait Fri. Feb. 10th (mentor, Tatum)
Eli and Olivia: Butterbeer Mon. Feb. 13th (mentor, Colin)
Nick: smoothie Mon. Feb. 13th (mentor, Jarret)
Marissa: fruit / citrus Tues. Feb. 14th (mentor, Paola)
Kiley: soup or pasta Wed. Feb. 15th (mentor, Lane)
Roxana and Kenni: cupcakes Thurs. Feb. 16th (mentor, Colin)
Shay and Andie: cupcakes Tues. Feb. 21st (mentor, Paola)
Braeden: dessert Wed. Feb. 22nd (mentor, Tatum)


  • If you have not been turning projects in as assigned, be sure to do that before proceeding to this assignment. New assignment:
  • Website and app portion of the group project. I need to briefly meet with Creative Directors about this project at the beginning of class.
Practicum: Continue with portfolio prep.
Here are your portfolio review dates 8:45-9:? or so:
AM - Obed, Tuesday., Feb. 7th (completed, online)
Francisco, Tues., Feb. 7th (completed, online)
Amanda P., Wed., Feb. 8th (completed, online)
April,, Thurs., Feb. 9th (completed, online)
Friday TOUR - no reviews
Amanda S., Mon., Feb. 13th

PM - Tatum, Tuesday, Feb. 7th (completed, online) 12:45-1:? or so:
Paola, Tues., Feb. 7th (completed, online)
Raymond, Wed., Feb. 8th (completed, online)
Friday TOUR - no reviews
Sayli, Mon., Feb. 13th
Diego, Tues., Feb. 14th
Eduardo, Weds., Feb. 15th

Thought for the Day:
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