Monday, March 6, 2017

Be sure that you work with the schedule that has been established for the "group work" today.

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We have a sub today!
Please work with our sub today and be sure that you don't leave the room without informing them. They are not as aware of who is who, and they will need your help in making sure that they can remain accountable for everyone.

Sub helpers be available to assist the sub or answer any questions that they have about our projects:
AM Class - Heather and Amanda P.
PM Class - Colin and Tatum


Creative Directors AM Conference room Meeting times: 
Gabrielle 9-9:30, Cienna 9:30-10 and Kristina 10-10:30 
Creative Directors PM Conference room Meeting times: 
Eli, 1-1:30 Jessica 1:30-2 and Simran 2-2:30


(Mar. 6-10) Tues.:  NO COLLEGE TALKS / Harman is out today, Wed.: Taylor/Clayton/Neil and Simran/Kenni/Kiley, Thurs.: April/Tama and Jarret/Roxana/Daniel, Fri.: Naveen/Henry and Braeden/Emmalee/Nick 

(Mar. 20-21) Mon.: Joshua/Gracie and Eli, Tues.: Harley and Shay/Eduardo

First Year: 

Sketchbook #31 Create a new object by combining 2 unrelated objects-one needs to be from nature, the other needs to be mechanical. Render with full shading. 

Tutorial #20 - Poster illustration

Wednesday, March 8 - Finished photo shoot and ad layout due by the end of class.

Group work: Today be ready to explore your ideas for this. We are working hard to get ideas for Carnivore's Cavern!


  • Infographic should be complete and submitted.
  • Your new assignment is to develop a campaign promoting the use of the United States Postal Service over other delivery services. Explain why the postal service is the most viable option in an ad. Also, redesign the US Postage Stamp. Research and challenge the current thinking.
  • 1st year mentors: AM class - Henry, Amanda P., Heather  PM class - Colin, Emmalee, Sydney - meet with the 
    Practicum: Continue with portfolio prep - the next review will begin right after Spring Break. I should expect to see new work being displayed and some old work displaced...

    Thought for the Day:
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