Thursday, March 2, 2017

Creative Directors announced for first year.

Creative Directors for AM session: Gabrielle, Cienna and Kristina
Creative Directors for PM session: Eli, Jessica and Simran

This week (Feb. 27-Mar. 3): Fri. > Cienna/April/Andrew and Alysia/Sayli/Antonio 

Next week: JUNIORS TALKS BEGIN/SENIORS Round 1 TALK is completed during this week as well. (Mar. 6-10) Mon.: Alex/Heather/Ash and Andie/Nick, Tues.:  Daniel/Colin/Eduardo, Wed.: Taylor/Clayton/Neil and Simran/Kenni/Kiley, Thurs.: Amanda S./Tama and Jarret/Roxana, Fri.: Naveen/Henry and Braeden/Emmalee (Mar. 20-21) Mon.: Joshua/Gracie and Eli, Tues.: Harley and Shay

Photographer: Yulia Gorbachenko, Post-Production: Lulie Talmor
Fashion posing.
First Year: 

Wednesday, March 8 - Finished photo shoot and ad layout due by the end of class.

Boot Camp! Here is the link to access the playlist. Watch during class at your own pace!


  • Complete your infographic and turn in by today. If you cannot complete these, please email and let me know when I should expect to see your work.
Practicum: Continue with portfolio prep - the next review will begin right after Spring Break. I should expect to see new work being displayed and some old work displaced...

Before everything gets completely underway, I would like to start class with a drawing warm-up and our College Talk

Featured School for College Talk todayTexas A&M Commerce

First Year: 

Intermediate level: Learn to paint a realistic APPLE. Next week, we will be doing a different fruit / vegetable from life, so this is great practice.

News of the Day: The student that we will feature this week is a graduate of CCE and LHS and is currently a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute animation program
Image result for sidney higgins
copyright Sidney Higgins

Sidney Higgins showed up here at CCE with an interest in both illustration and animation. I remember talking with her about traditional animation and character design - I had thought at the time that she seemed like a good fit for KCAI. She has been working diligently on her animation skills as well as her background painting and character development skills. She is a good representative of CCE in a major training ground for traditional animators at KCAI. We are proud of her!

Students of the Week:
AM session: April Seiler, MHS
PM session: Marissa Carreon, HHS