Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Meet with Mrs. Harman today, first year and mentors.

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It is fun to meet with no warning...let's do it!
Meeting with me today at the beginning of class (with Mentors, Creative Directors)

Creative Directors AM Conference room Meeting times: 
Gabrielle then Cienna then Kristina 
Creative Directors PM Conference room Meeting times: 
Eli then Jessica then Simran 


(Mar. 6-10) Thurs.: April/Tama and Kiley/Jarrett/Roxana/Daniel, Fri.: Naveen/Henry and Braeden/Emmalee/Nick 

(Mar. 20-21) Mon.: Joshua/Gracie and Eli, Tues.: Harley/Neil and Shay/Eduardo

First Year: 

Sketchbook #33 In our ordinary workaday selves we may long for something to take us into our creative passion. Moving from mundane states of consciousness of dissipation, boredom and negativity into inspiration and creative expansion sometimes requires music. Listen to a favorite or important piece of music and draw whatever flows out of that listening session. Include some of the lyric if it seems important. If it is instrumental, let the line be influenced by the musical line that you are hearing. Tell me the song you were listening to when you submit the work. This is referred to as expressive sketching. 

Tutorial #22 - This is a full-on drawing course through - a great tutorial for use during Spring Break! I am putting this here today so that we can discuss the advantages of working through this during your week away.

Wed. March 22 - Test shot due for hair, report your brand.

Group work topic: We are working hard to get ideas for Carnivore's Cavern! Submit when completed.

  • Complete USPS assignment
  • Begin work on this influencer: first see the linked video about phenomenal digital and traditional illustrator and designer, Steve Simpson. Can you use his style as an influence on what you like to do? Create a product (poster, illustration, packaging) that has been influenced by his style.
  • 1st year mentors: AM class - Henry, Amanda P., Heather  PM class - Colin, Emmalee, Sydney - meet with me and your first year CD at the beginning of class.
    Practicum: Continue with portfolio prep - the next review will begin right after Spring Break. I should expect to see new work being displayed and some old work displaced...

    Thought for the Day:
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