Monday, March 20, 2017

Welcome back to school, so glad to see you again!

Image result for enrichmentENRICHMENT. (It will work at all levels of the class.) It is an extra assignment every day that you can do if you are all caught up. Today's Enrichment exercise is this: Design some packaging for three different flavors of ice cream for a brand you have designed yourself. Show the packaging in 3D, using a carton or box template found online.

This week: The PM session will have the privilege of having visitors to the studio on Thursday afternoon. Our alumni from Lewisville HS and BFA from CalArts will be visiting the studio to talk about what to expect if you choose to go to design school. Inside out info! Her name is Karen To Nakada and her husband, CalArts BFA Masato Nakada will also be visiting.


(Mar. 20-21) Mon.: Naveen/Joshua/Gracie and Eli/Roxana/Daniel/Braeden
Tues.: Henry/Harley/Neil and Shay/Eduardo/Emmalee/Nick

First Year: 

Sketchbook #35 - You will have a new sketchbook assignment on Tuesday.

Tutorial #23 - You will have a new tutorial assignment on Tuesday.

Wed. March 22 - Test shot due for hair, report your brand.

  • Complete work on Steve Simpson influencer by Wednesday, March 22
  • 1st year mentors: AM class - Henry, Amanda P., Heather  PM class - Colin, Emmalee, Sydney 
    Practicum: Continue with portfolio prep - the next review will begin right after Spring Break - watch for posted schedule, it will start on Wednesday

    Thought for the Day:

    Image result for exams are here
    Your exam in this class will either be Thursday (AM session) or Friday (AM session)
    The exam will be "Test in a Box" details to come...